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SyrSpend™ SF is an innovative vehicle range for preparing oral liquid dosage forms. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of medications and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend™ SF vital for every compounding pharmacist.
Fagron Advanced Derma is the revolutionary global standard for advanced skin care. It offers pharmaceutical bases that are formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge
Looking at expanding or starting up compounding in your pharmacy? Fagron can assist you in furnishing your lab in compliance with the Pharmacy Board Compounding Guidelines


With a focus on patient, pharmacist, and prescriber, Fagron offers unique hospital solutions that add significant value in the treatment of patients with special needs. Fagron’s just-add-water convenience packs offer the hospital pharmacist convenient and time-saving solutions to help patients while decreasing the possibility of errors. Our convenience packs cover a wide range of treatments from oral suspensions to topical anesthetics. With a global focus on innovation, we are driven to continuously provide pharmacists with the best solutions in compounding.


SyrSpend™ SF

SyrSpend® SF is an innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms. Based on food starch, SyrSpend® SF’s superior suspending properties provide consistent, individual dosing throughout treatment. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend® SF highly suitable for compounding safe and stable customized medication for all patients groups, from neonates to the elderly. The SyrSpend® SF range consists of a ready-to-use liquid vehicle, a preservative-free powder for reconstitution and an alkaline suspending vehicle for acid-unstable APIs.


Benefits of SyrSpend® SF:

  • Innovative and highly stable suspensions based on modified food starch
  • Formulated using only safe and well-tolerated ingredients
  • Optimal palatability and taste-masking properties for
  • improved compliance
  • Gastrointestinal friendly (osmolality <50 mOsmol/kg)
  • Compatibility with a broad range of APIs
  • API stability supported by peer-reviewed scientific articles
  • Compatible with all enteral feeding tubes
  • Active suspending technology

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Raw materials

Fagron offers a wide range of high-quality APIs of pharmaceutical grade (USP/NF/BP/EP), including Monsel's Solution, omeprazole USP powder, DMSO and phenol liquid USP.

Fagron's pharmaceutical raw materials are subjected to a rigorous process of quality tests. The results of these tests and the extensive range of documents Fagron demands from the producers, are reviewed by a qualified person before release. A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is available for all raw materials and can be found on our website. 

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Compounding Matters formulation database

Fagron is dedicated to supporting pharmacists with extensive compatibility and stability data. Compounding Matters formulation database, a global initiative of Fagron, offers the pharmacist and prescriber a broad range of scientific, evidence-based compounding formulations with step-by-step compounding instructions, packaging information, beyond-use-date data and quality control information. 

Prescribers can find an indication and formulas that suits the personal needs of the patient. Pharmacists can find formulas with the methods of compounding a high-quality preparation. Compounding Matters is available free to all prescribers and pharmacists. Click here to create a free account. 


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