Fagron Concepts

Fagron Advanced Derma is the revolutionary global standard for advanced skin care. It offers pharmaceutical bases that are formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge
Looking at expanding or starting up compounding in your pharmacy? Fagron can assist you in furnishing your lab in compliance with the Pharmacy Board Compounding Guidelines
SyrSpend™ SF is an innovative vehicle range for preparing oral liquid dosage forms. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of medications and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend™ SF vital for every compounding pharmacist.

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Fagron in February 2020 has firmed a partnership with Azelis in Australia to better service the market. All sales are now handled by Azelis Australia, as well as any technical questions in regards to products, formulations, etc.

The new contact numbers:

+61 2 8039 6786

+61 2 9939 2188

To know more about Azelis, please go to www.azelis.com

For help with Fagron products in Australia, or to buy products online, please go to shop.fagron.com.au