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What is Progesterone Wettable?

Wed, 04/11/2015

Progesterone is available in two forms, Progesterone Micronised and Progesterone Wettable. Progesterone Micronised contains finely ground powder particles which improve drug absorption and ensure maximum bioavailability. Micronised Progesterone has advantages when used in topical and oral dosage forms due to the increased surface area of the drug particles. This is particularly the case when compounding Progesterone capsules. Due to its very low aqueous solubility, digestive absorption is highly dependent on its rate of dissolution which is improved with the reduction of particle size.  

Progesterone Wettable has been produced with the addition of 1%-2% sodium lauryl sulphate, a surfactant, to produce a powder that will not repel the base to which it is to be added. Progesterone Wettable is easier to use for the compounding pharmacist/technician when compounding troches and pessaries. Although the powder particle size is larger than its Micronised counterpart, for routes of drug administration that are rich in supply of blood vessels (eg. oral and rectal mucosa), poor absorption of Progesterone is less of a concern. Of greater concern is achieving a homogenous dose form and also reducing the interfacial tension created upon the addition of Progesterone to a base of liquid form. 

Neither Micronised Progesterone or Wettable Progesterone is preferred over the other. The appropriate form of Progesterone should be used depending on the dosage form to be compounded. 

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