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SyrSpend™ SF is an innovative vehicle range for preparing oral liquid dosage forms. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of medications and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend™ SF vital for every compounding pharmacist.
Fagron Advanced Derma is the revolutionary global standard for advanced skin care. It offers pharmaceutical bases that are formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge
Looking at expanding or starting up compounding in your pharmacy? Fagron can assist you in furnishing your lab in compliance with the Pharmacy Board Compounding Guidelines

Rest assured with Fagron's superior global quality system

Thu, 30/10/2014
The Unique Quality of Fagron

More than 200,000 customers worldwide have access to over 5,000 high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials, vehicles and Fagron trademark products, thanks to Fagron’s superior global quality system. 

This system includes extensive product and producer qualifications, risk assessments, on-site GMP audits, vendor management,full analysis of incoming and manufactured products, and production and conditioning processes that comply with GMP standards. The process culminates in the release of the end-product by a Qualified Person. 
Fagron has sourcing offices in South America, North America, Europe and Asia, which brings Fagron closer to the world’s biggest producers of pharmaceutical raw materials. 
This results in full traceability and guarantees high-quality raw materials. Carrying out full analysis on all incoming raw materials ensures that the quality of the pharmaceutical raw materials complies with the latest editions of worldwide pharmacopoeias. 
Fagron Quality employs over 150 people who are involved throughout every step of the supply chain and form the biggest network of quality assurance and quality control in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. 
Fagron’s unique approach guarantees superior quality throughout the entire supply chain and full compliance with TGA Good Wholesaling Practice. This is why Fagron has a an excellent reputation among pharmacies, hospitals and the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.

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