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Easily compound a pleasant-tasting omeprazole suspension

Wed, 07/10/2015

Fagron has your solution for compounding omeprazole mixtures. SyrSpend® SF Alka provides you an easy and efficient way to compound a pleasant-tasting oral liquid dosage form using omeprazole powder in under 5 minutes. The suspending vehicle is sugar-, gluten-, preservative- and alcohol-free and uses Active Suspending Technology for more accurate dosing. A stability study published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding supports assigning a BUD of up to 60 days to a 2 mg/ml omeprazole suspension with SyrSpend® SF Alka.

Compounding steps of preparing an omeprazole suspension with SyrSpend® SF Alka: 
1. Calculate, weigh and measure the omeprazole powder. 
2. Add the omeprazole powder to the container with SyrSpend® SF Alka powder. 
3. Add water to the container to reach final volume. Shake vigorously.

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