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Compounding provides unique solutions for individual patients via a collaboration between the pharmacist, physician, and patient.

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Looking at expanding or starting up compounding in your pharmacy? Fagron can assist you in furnishing your lab in compliance with the Pharmacy Board Compounding Guidelines
SyrSpend™ SF is an innovative vehicle range for preparing oral liquid dosage forms. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of medications and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend™ SF vital for every compounding pharmacist.
Fagron Advanced Derma is the revolutionary global standard for advanced skin care. It offers pharmaceutical bases that are formulated according to the latest scientific knowledge

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Fri, 16/11/2018
Fagron Australia Passes ISO 9001:2015 Certification Audit
Wed, 26/09/2018
The Pharmacy Council of NSW have recently updated their Fact Sheet and FAQs based on the feedback received from the industry.
Thu, 05/07/2018
Knowing when it is suitable for crushing commercial products for a suspension is crucial for ensuring the formulation remains uniform and stable.

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Fagron provides training courses to pharmacists to further enhance their skills in the pharmaceutical compounding of tailor-made medication.

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